2021.02.25 | People

Michael Svarer to head green expert group

Professor of economics Michael Svarer, Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University, will head an expert group tasked with presenting different scenarios for the taxation of CO2 emissions.

Kim Allan Andersen

2021.01.27 | People

Mindeord - Kim Allan Andersen

Det var med stor sorg, at vi modtog meddelelsen om, at vores kære kollega, Professor Kim Allan Andersen pludselig var afgået ved døden den 20. januar 2021 i en alder af blot 64 år.

Professor Torben M. Andersen
Associate Professor Mette Trier Damgaard
Assistant Professor Jonas Maibom

2020.12.10 | Grants

The Rockwool Foundation grants DKK 5.6 million to research in ageing and pensions

Professor of Economics Torben M. Andersen at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University has received a grant of DKK 5,619,013 from the Rockwool Foundation for a project entitled “Ageing and Pensions”.

Associate Professor of Economics Stefan Hirth Photo: Aarhus BSS Communication and External Relations

2020.12.09 | Grants

DKK 2.8 million grant to Stefan Hirth from IRFD

Associate Professor Stefan Hirth has received a DKK 2.8 million grant from The Independent Research Fund Denmark. In his new project, he will investigate the strategic interaction between a firm seeking financing and its potential investors.

2020.11.27 | Grants

DKK 38 million to a new generation register

Aarhus BSS’ Centre for Integrated Register-based Research, CIRRAU, is among the participants of a large project, which will establish a new multi generation register in Denmark. The new register combines data from hand-written church books and data from the Danish Civil Registration System. The Novo Nordisk Foundation has funded the project with a…

2020.11.05 | Research news

Corporate leaders, talk about risks, please!

Corporate culture is crucial for an organisation’s ability to identify, assess and manage risks. However, an efficient risk culture cannot be dictated, but develops through a combination of leadership behaviour and active employee involvement. This is the conclusion of a new research project from Aarhus BSS.

Professor i økonomi Michael Svarer
Professor i økonomi Torben M. Andersen

2020.11.03 | People , Knowledge exchange

Professors contribute to new warning system

Michael Svarer and Torben M. Andersen, professors of economics, will be assisting the Danish government in evaluating and validating the quality of a new corona warning system for businesses and society.

Assistant Professor Mikkel Bennedsen
Associate Professor John Kennes
Professor Torben M. Andersen
Professor Michael Svarer
Assistant Professor Jonas Maibom

2020.10.30 | Grants

Three new research grants from IRFD

Mikkel Bennedsen and John Kennes have received almost DKK 3 million each from Independent Research Fund Denmark’s special pool for research on development of the economic principles. Torben M. Andersen, Michael Svarer and Jonas Maibom are members of a large interdisciplinary research project, which has received a DKK 8 million grant from the same…

2020.10.21 | People , Knowledge exchange

New commission aims to increase employment

Researchers from the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus BSS are strongly represented in a new commission appointed by the government. The commission is headed by Professor Nina Smith, and Professor Philipp Schröder is a member.

Nicolaj Nørgaard Mühlbach

2020.08.17 | Grants

Nicolaj Nørgaard Mühlbach receives DFF International postdoc grant

Nicolaj Nørgaard Mühlbach has received an international postdoc grant of DKK 1,520,000 from The Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) for his project entitled “The Economics of Modern Technology”. Read more

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