Tom Engsted wins the Golden Pointer 2014

Tom Engsted has been awarded lecturer of the year at Department of Economics and Business and received the much-coveted Golden Pointer for his entertaining lecturers and strong academic skills.

The students’ main reason for awarding the prize to Professor Tom Engsted is his entertaining lecturers and strong academic skills. The students regard him as a very talented and dedicated lecturer, and they have also noticed his impressive sense of order, which shines through in his lecturers. Tom Engsted has taught Empirical Research Methods (Statistics) 1st and 2nd semester. 

About winning the prize, Tom Engsted says: "It is the first time in my 25 year career that I receive such a price, so I am very happy and proud. Also because the "Golden Pointer" for me and my colleagues at the department is considered the most prestigious teaching award since it is awarded by the students that we teach."

The Golden Pointer was introduced in 1990 and has been a tradition at the Department ever since. The prize is meant as a positive recognition from the Oecon/Soc students at the Department. All Oecon/Soc students at the Department may submit a reasoned nomination, and Oeconrådet then selects the winner based on the number of nominations – with specific emphasis on the students’ written recommendations.

The other nominees for the Golden Pointer were: Mikkel Bennedsen, Anders Laugesen, Thomas Quistgaard Pedersen and Allan Sørensen.