The recipe for export success boiled down to a three-minute cartoon

In Denmark we need more companies to gain the courage to export and to get better at exporting. To this end, Aarhus University and the Danish Export Association have boiled down 10 years of research and more than 100 scientific articles to a three-minute cartoon (in Danish). The film presents the recipe for export success – the DNA of Export.

“Disseminating knowledge is one of the university’s most important tasks, making sure that the research reaches the outside world. I think it’s crucial that we make our results accessible, also in unconventional ways, to society and the Danish business community. By doing that, the companies that we have conducted research on for more than 10 years will also benefit from our results,” says Professor Philipp Schröder, director of the Tuborg Research Centre for Globalisation and Firms at Aarhus University.

Film to help companies overcome export barriers

Researchers from the Tuborg centre have produced a large share of the research results summarised in the DNA of Export®. The recipe has now been transformed into a cartoon that is meant to provide companies with insight into how they may strengthen their international sales ventures. The film is produced by Mark Film A/S.

“Export is difficult but not entirely impossible for Danish companies. As the association representing the companies, we know all about the challenges that follow from export ventures and of the initiatives that can determine whether a company succeeds in exports. These are the things we seek to address with this film,” explains Ulrik Dahl, CEO of the Danish Export Association, who has developed the DNA of Export in collaboration with researchers from Aarhus University.

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