Renewed request for expert group

The government has once again requested assistance from the economic expert group consisting of Torben M. Andersen, Michael Svarer and Philipp Schröder. They are to present their recommendations for phasing out the bailout packages.

Torben M. Andersen
Professor of economics Torben M. Andersen will head the expert group. Photo: AU

The financial bailout packages have helped sustain 80,000 jobs in 2020 and are expected to help sustain 55,000 jobs in 2021 and 45,000 in 2022. However, the reopening of society entails a phase-out of the bailout packages.

In order to determine the composition and phase-out of the bailout packages, the government has requested expert help from the economics professors at Aarhus BSS. This time, companies within particularly exposed industries and their subcontractors will receive special attention.

Professor of economics Torben M. Andersen will head this task, and the two professors Michael Svarer and Philipp Schröder will participate in the expert group as well. Their recommendations must be ready by the end of April.