Professor Preben Bo Mortensen honoured by Codan and SEB

Preben Bo Mortensen, Professor, Dr.Med.Sc. and head of Centre for Integrated Register-based Research (CIRRAU) has been honoured for his extraordinary research in mental illnesses.

Codan and SEB Pension has awarded Professor Preben Bo Mortensen the 2013 price of honour followed by 100,000 DKK  for his research within the fields of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, mania, depression and autism, focusing on how a persons' genetic disposition and the environment affect the development of these types of illnesses.

Preben Bo Mortensen has used extensive population based data from the national Danish registers combined with biological samples taken from the heels of all Danish infants since 1970 to study the correlation between genetics, environment and the development of mental illness.

The research is aimed at finding better ways to prevent, avoid and treat mental illnesses in the future.

CIRRAU is a centre established at Aarhus University in 2012 to facilitate interdisciplinary research in the academic areas of Social Sciences, Health Sciences and elements from Natural Sciences. Research within the centre is based on data from research databases and biobanks and used within a framework that could be termed "translational population studies".

The centre has three main scopes:

1. Promoting interdisciplinary research in health economics and social and life course epidemiology,
2. Developing techniques and methods required for making causal inference
3. Providing infrastructure to maximize availability of research data from registers and biobanks.

Further information

Preben Bo Morten, Professor, DrMedSc.
National Centre for Register-based Research
Department of Economics and Business
Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences
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