Martin Møller Andreasen receives the 2014 BSS Research Award

At BSS’ annual Faculty Celebration, which took place in the Main Hall at AU on Friday, Martin Møller Andreasen was presented with the 2014 BSS Research Award. He is one of two researchers to win the award this year. The award comes with a cash prize of DKK 50,000, which is earmarked for his further research.

Martin Møller Andreasen from CREATES at the Department of Economics and Business is one of the two recipients of this year’s BSS Research Award. The other researcher is Professor Svend Erik Skaaning (link) from the Department of Political Science and Government.


Martin Møller Andreasen earned his MSc in Economics and Management in 2005, and in 2009 he was awarded his PhD in Macro-Finance from Aarhus University. For a while, he worked as a PhD Economist with the Bank of England. Since August 2012, he has been Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Business.


From 1 January 2012 to 1 January 2014, he has published or had five articles accepted for publication in high-quality internationally recognised journals. He conducts research within the field of social science with particular emphasis on the financial markets. One of the goals of his research is to understand how the macro economy affects the pricing of bonds, how it affects bank lending to companies and so on. This understanding may be of considerable importance to individual companies, not least in the light of the recession.


In June 2014, he received almost DKK 2.6 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research - Social Sciences (FSE) for the research Explaining the macro-economic foundation behind long-term nominal interest rates and their effects on the real economy.project entitled:


The BSS Research Award comes with a prize of DKK 50,000, which is earmarked for research purposes.