Eric Hillebrand receives grant of 3.6 million from DFF

Associate Professor Eric Hillebrand has been awarded a grant of DKK 3.659.615 from The Danish Council for Independent Research - Social Sciences for his project entitled “Econometric Modeling of Climate Change”.

The purpose of the project is to specify econometric models that connect global macroeconomic activity with key climate variables. The project aims for models that bridge the gap between the common models employed in climate science and the statistical models employed in economics. The models in the project are intended to 1) guide understanding of the interconnections of global macroeconomic activity, greenhouse gases, and temperature, using statistical inference, and 2) allow forecasts of climate change, in particular temperature change, resulting from different growth path scenarios for the world's major economies. The project is divided into three parts. In the first part, the project formulates time series models for global macroeconomic activity and greenhouse gas emissions. In the second part, the project combines these into a single global state-space model, using the nexus of energy balance. In the third part, the project considers modelling country-level macroeconomic activity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the press release rom DFF here