EliteForsk travel grant for Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos

Economics PhD student Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos from Aarhus BSS receives the EliteForsk travel grant and goes on research stays in the Netherlands and Canada. Both institutions are leading experts within operations research, which Maximiliano uses to solve issues with waste management in his PhD project.

Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos
Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos Photo: Aarhus BSS

“Thanks to the EliteForsk travel grant, I get the chance to go on two research stays: a short stay at Erasmus School of Economics in the Netherlands and a longer stay at Interuniversity Research Center for Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT) in Canada. Both are leading institutions within operations research and my collaboration with them offers great opportunities for my research project and future career,” says Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos, who is one of talented PhD students to receive the EliteForsk travel grant from the Ministry for Higher Education and Science .

In his PhD project ‘Optimization and data analysis problems in Waste Management’, Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos examines and analyses the advantages of using advanced models of machine learning and optimisation on issues with waste disposal.

It was contact with an experienced researcher in waste disposal at the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus BSS that first stirred his interest in this field of research:

“During my Master’s degree programme, I reached out to professor Sanne Wøhlk who introduced me to the world of waste disposal. This founded my interest in combining these two areas, which shows great potential for the future,” says Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos.