MSc in Economics honoured at Aarhus University

Jan Bryla has won the 2011 Oecon Award as this year’s MSc graduate in Economics at the Department of Economics and Business. He was awarded the DKK 15,000 prize for his tireless work promoting the study.

On Saturday 24 September, the Oecon Association (known as Oeconforeningen in Danish) elected the 25-year-old Jan Bryla as this year’s MSc in Economics at Aarhus University. The DKK 15,000 prize was awarded to Jan for his vast academic and social commitment to the study.

- I was both surprised and happy to receive the 2011 Oecon Award. The award really brings attention to the value of voluntary work – to improve the conditions for fellow-students and plead their cause. Personally, I’m honoured to be referred to as a ‘fine representative for the MSc study in Economics.

Jan Bryla received his MSc degree in Economics last year and is now working for The Danish Bankers Association (known as Finansrådet in Danish). He is originally from Kolding and earned his upper secondary school leaving examination at the International Business College.

Goal-oriented work for fellow-students

Morten Amtrup, MSc in Economics and director and founder of the Oecon Award, is chairman of the assessment committee, which is responsible for electing the winner among this year’s candidates. He emphasizes Jan’s voluntary efforts:

- There are four qualities that are vital to the election of Jan as this year’s Oecon. He has demonstrated a commitment to the social life at the department through voluntary work by working both as the editor of the department paper, Ø, and as the organiser of the graduation ceremony for MSc graduates in Economics. He has also been a member of both the Oecon council and the Study Committee. Additionally, he has also been working to improve the study environment. In terms of his academic achievements, Jan has done a fine job, and has also been an instructor, teaching other students. Furthermore, he is always very goal-oriented, regardless of whether he is working with relatively simple assignments or larger, political goals.

In the selection phase, the assessment committee focuses on the extent to which there is a balance between study activities and the studies.

- Jan finished within the prescribed period of study. At the same time he has also been working voluntarily and has shown social commitment. This shows a strong sense of determination and energy to improve the Oecon study for his fellow-students.

Oecon Award presented at the 2011 Oecon conference

The Oecon Award is presented to the winner at the Oecon conference, at which alumni from the Department of Economics and Business at Aarhus University gather annually. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘How to balance private and public activities in Denmark?’. The keynote speakers at the conference were all MSc graduates in Economics; researchers from the department and employees from both the private and public sectors.

The 2011 Oecon Award was awarded by Marc Luscombe, MSc in Economics and representative of SEB, which has sponsored the DKK 15,000 prize. The first honorary member of the Oecon Association was also appointed this year; Professor emeritus Ole Ø. Madsen was honoured for his long-standing efforts for the Oecon Association.

The Oecon Association works to create an academic and social network for MSc graduates in Economics across year groups and lines of business as well as keep in touch with the department. The Oecon conference is professionally relevant to MSc graduates in Economics, but is held in informal and social settings. The event culminates in the election of the MSc graduate in Economics of the year, and the subsequent banquet.

Additional information
Jan Bryla
Winner of the 2011 Oecon Award
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Morten Amtrup
Board member of the Oecon Association, Aarhus University
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