6.7 million for Vejlin and Andersen

Rune Vejlin and Torben M. Andersen receive grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research. The amounts granted are DKK 5,265,999 for Vejlin and DKK 1,450,417 for Andersen.

Rune Vejlin
Torben M. Andersen

Rune Majlund Vejlin is granted DKK 5,265,999 for his project Structural Policy Analysis in Economics:

"Since the financial crisis in 2008, Denmark has witnessed an avalanche of structural reforms; unemployment insurance, social assistance, and active labour market policies are among the most prominent areas where reforms have been conducted. The aim of the project is to develop economic models that can be used to guide economic policy and to take the models to data in order to quantify the importance of policy change on the most important outcomes. The academic novelty of the project is to develop dynamic structural economic models and combine these with data both from the rich Danish registers, but also from random controlled experimenents, in order to evaluate social and labour market policies."


Torben M. Andersen is granted DKK 1,450,417 for his project "Intergenerational compacts – rationale and policy implications": 

"The idea that a contract between generations lies at the basis of society is quite fundamental to many versions of a just and stable social order. It is also at the heart of any notion of social sustainability. In the Nordic countries it is encapsulated in the welfare model where the young and the old are net beneficiaries, while the middle-aged are net contributors to the welfare arrangement.

Two fundamental questions on the intergenerational contract constitute the core of this project:

(i) Can it deliver welfare gains above those achievable in the idealized benchmark case of a world without any imperfections and perfectly competitive markets?

(ii) Can the contract be designed such that these gains can be reaped without any generation having to give up welfare to the benefit of future generations (the Pareto-criterion)?"