DGPE PhD course: Genoeconomics

26-30 August 2019. Lecturers: Daniel Benjamin and Patrick Turley

2019.04.12 | Susanne Christensen

Date Mon 26 Aug Fri 30 Aug
Time 09:00    15:00
Location Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V, building 2628, room M107


This course will introduce students to the methods of social-science genomics — the analysis of genomic data in social science research. The course will cover design and analysis of:

  • genetic-association studies
  • analysis of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions
  • genetic estimation and use of polygenic scores, as well as applications of genomic data in the social sciences.

Students are asked to submit a research proposal at the end of the course. The proposal should outline how the variables and methods learned in the course could be used in their own research. The proposal should include a clear research question, the method used to answer the questions, and an outline of the data required for the project.

There will be a total of 24 lecture hours, and the research proposal will be assessed pass/fail.

The course is equivalent to 5 ECTS.

TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research is co-organiser of this course.  

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Associate Professor Daniel Benjamin, University of Southern California

Research Fellow Patrick Turley, Harvard-MIT Broad Institute


The course will start at 15.00 on Monday 26 August followed by a course dinner at 18.00, location TBA.

Teaching will be from 9.00-15.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The course finishes at 13.30 on Friday 30 August.

Refreshments and lunches will be provided each day.

Course fee

The course is free of charge for:

1. DGPE members from AU, KU, CBS and SDU.

2. PhD students from Economics Departments at Nordic universities outside Denmark.

The course fee is EUR300 for other participants.



Registration deadline: 19 August 2019.  

Academic contact

Assistant Professor Victor Ronda, ronda@econ.au.dk

Administrative contact

Susanne Christensen, sch@econ.au.dk

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