DGPE PhD course: Behavioral Economics, Learning, and the Big Data Revolution

23-26 September. Lecturers: Ido Erev, Ori Plosky & Davide Marchiori

2019.08.14 | Susanne Christensen

Date Mon 23 Sep Thu 26 Sep
Time 09:00    16:00
Location University of Southern Denmark


The course focuses on human reaction to economic incentives, and the way the Big Data revolution changes the study of this topic and its implications.  It considers the two-sided relationship between Behavioral Economics and the Big Data revolution. The first focuses on how our understanding of human reactions to incentives can help facilitating the positive effects of this revolution and minimizing its negative effects.  The second focuses on the different ways new Big Data techniques can improve our ability to predict the effects of incentives on human behavior.

ECTS points and course evaluation

The evaluation will be determined by a final project.  The students will choose between a project on computer simulation (participation in a choice prediction competition) or a more traditional final paper.

Upon completing all course activities (attendance of the entire course + participation in course activities + submission of the project), participants will be awarded 4 ECTS credits and a course certificate.

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Main instructors: Professor Ido Erev and Dr. Ori Plonsky (Technion, Israel), Associate Professor Davide Marchiori (University of Southern Denmark)

Admission procedure

Students who would like to participate in the course should send a short letter of motivation (max 1 page) describing (i) their research interests and (ii) why they are interested in participating in the course. Letters should be sent to sidg@sam.sdu.dk (Subject: “PhD course on Behavioral Economics, Learning, and the Big Data Revolution”) no later than August 28, 2019.

Course fee

The course is free of charge for:

1. DGPE members from AU, KU, CBS and SDU.

2. PhD students from Economics Departments at Nordic universities outside Denmark.

The course fee is EUR400 for other participants.


 Sibilla Di Guida, University of Southern Denmark, sidg@sam.sdu.dk

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