DGPE PhD Course: Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

15-19 November 2016. Lecturers: Steffen Altmann and Alexander Sebald, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

2016.09.02 | Susanne Christensen

Date Tue 15 Nov Sat 19 Nov
Time 09:00    17:00
Location Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen, room 26.2.21

In the past decades, a growing body of research in Psychology and Economics has demonstrated that individual and collective behavior are influenced by a multitude of psychological factors as well as by individual limitations in self-control, cognition, and attention. This has profoundly shaped the way in which economists and psychologists think about public policy. In particular, it has opened the door for alternative, behavioral approaches to public policy in a wide range of domains, including education and labor markets, tax systems and social security, health care, and environmental policy.

This PhD course aims at serving the growing demands by graduate students, policy makers, and practitioners to learn and apply the tools of Behavioral Economics for practical policy making.

ECTS points: 5.

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The course takes place at Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

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Please register to Associate Professor Steffen Altmann, steffen.altmann@econ.ku.dk

Registration deadline: 15 October 2016.

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