Mon 19 Apr
13:00-18:00 | Online teaching hosted by University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics and CEBI
DGPE PhD course: Subjective Beliefs in Macroeconomics and Household Finance
19-23 April 2021. Lecturers: Yueran Ma, Michael McMahon, Chris Roth, Johannes Wohlfart, Florian Zimmermann.
Mon 19 Apr
13:00-21:00 | Online teaching hosted by Aarhus University
DGPE PhD course: Introduction to Stochastic Programming
19-23 April 2021 Lecturer: Walter Rei
Fri 23 Apr
12:15-13:15 | via Zoom
Labour and Public Policy Seminar: Emil Bustos, Stockholm School of Economics
Title: The Effect of Centrally Bargained Wages on Firm Growth
Fri 23 Apr
13:00-14:00 | Online via Zoom
AROS Seminar: Preregistering Qualitative Research
By Tamarinde Haven (Charité Berlin)
Fri 23 Apr
14:00-15:00 | Online via Zoom
CORAL Seminar: Qiuping Ma, AU
Title: Supplier Segmentation Using Aggregated MCDM Method and Cluster Analysis for Supplier Quality Development
Tue 27 Apr
12:00-12:45 | Online
Joint Econometrics-Finance Lunch Seminar: Nikolaj Udengaard Hansen, AU
Title: The Value of Socioeconomic Information when Quantifying Individual Health
Tue 27 Apr
12:15-13:15 | Online
Economics Seminar Series: Philipp Ager, University of Southern Denmark
Title: Froebel's Gifts: How the Kindergarten Movement Changed the American Family (joint with Francesco Cinnirella)
Wed 28 Apr
12:05-12:35 | Online
ABC Colloquium Lunch Seminar Series: Einar Cathrinus Kjenstad, Aarhus University
Title: Debt maturity dispersion
Wed 28 Apr
16:15-17:15 | via Zoom
Econometrics and Business Statistics Seminar: Stefan Wager, Stanford University
Title: Noise-Induced Randomization in Regression Discontinuity Designs
Tue 04 May
12:00-12:45 | TBA
Joint Econometrics-Finance Lunch Seminar: Jingying Zhou Lykke, AU
Title: TBA

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