FIND seminar

Special FIND double seminar: Andrew Bernard + Dan Trefler

Info about event


Tuesday 9 June 2020,  at 16:00 - 18:15


Online via Zoom


Frederic Warzynski

This is a virtual DIEW guest keynote session by Andrew Bernard, Dartmouth College and Dan Trefler, University of Toronto.


4pm-5pm: Andrew Bernard, Dartmouth College: Connecting Islands and Ideas: The Geography of Knowledge Production (with Andreas Moxnes and Yukiko Saito)

5pm-5.15pm: Break

5.15pm-6.15 pm: Dan Trefler, University of Toronto: Looking Backward, Innovating Forward: A Theory of Competitive Cascades

Your host is Frederic Warzynski, and the session is via Zoom.