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PhD course: Advanced Microeconometrics

New developments in applied econometrics and microeconometric theory

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Tuesday 1 February 2022, at 14:00 - Thursday 10 March 2022, at 12:00


Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University


The purpose of this PhD course is to introduce the students to new developments in applied econometrics and microeconometric theory. The course focuses on the most relevant econometric methods for applied empirical research, giving priority to applicability in large micro data.

Master's students in Economics and Management (cand.oecon) are welcome to sign up.


Assistant Professor Eva Rye Johansen, Aarhus BSS
Assistant Professor Yana Petrova, Aarhus BSS
Assistant Professor Michael Knaus, University of St. Gallen


Spring semester 2022, starting in week 5 (on Tuesday 1 February)

Weeks 5, 6, 9 and 10:
Tuesday 14:00-16:00
Thursday 10:00-12:00

Week 7:
Monday 14:00-16:00
Tuesday 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 10:00-12:00
Thursday 10:00-12:00

Lectures are supplemented with student presentations of curriculum material.


Take-home assignment. Students write a summary and assessment of an assigned method. The exam period starts immediately after the last week of teaching.

The course is equivalent to 5 ECTS.


Registration deadline 1 December 2021:


Academic: Eva Rye Johansen,
Administrative: Susanne Christensen,