CREATES Econometrics and Business Statistics Seminar Series

Econometrics and Business Statistics Seminar: Jacob Sherson, AU

Title: Hybrid intelligence: exploring human-machine co-creativity in data science applications

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Wednesday 29 September 2021,  at 13:15 - 14:15


Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V, building 2632(L), room 242


Mikkel Bennedsen and Jesper Wulff

Presenter: Jacob Sherson, AU

Abstract: In this talk I will introduce the interdisciplinary Center for Hybrid Intelligence with a main base at the department of Management, Aarhus University. In the center, we aim to combine advances in machine learning with systematic, large-scale studies of human behavior and problem solving to create interfaces that optimally support human-machine co-creativity.

As an open invitation to collaborations, I will briefly go through some of the data science applications in which we do or could employ machine learning to analyze data from our own game-based initiatives such as predicting player retention and behavior and the interplay between data evaluation and model creation in our cognitive profiling games as well as discuss our implementation of AlphaZero for real world optimization. In addition, I will briefly discuss our hybrid intelligence case studies with corporate partners such as the AI-startup Vencortex (exploring the future of business intelligence), Autodesk (world leader in generative design software) and Esoft (specializing in advanced image processing for the real estate market).

Organisers: Mikkel Bennedsen and Jesper Wulff

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