CREATES lunch seminar: Murat Midilic

Title: Influence of Central Bank Interventions on Exchange Rate Volatility during High Capital Flow Periods

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Tuesday 15 April 2014,  at 12:00 - 12:30


Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V, building 2628, room 303

The quantitative easing policy of the US raised the discussions on possible effects of emerging market currency values. In this context, the effectiveness of central bank foreign exchange interventions once again came into the picture. This study will try to measure the influence of foreign exchange intervention on exchange rate volatility during high capital inflow/outflow periods. This will be done by using the US Dollar/TL exchange rate. The study aims to contribute to the literature by (i) presenting a model that can address concerns on exchange rate volatility in emerging market economies,

(ii) fitting a threshold model to the Turkish data and participating the discussions in measuring the influence of intervention on volatility, (iii) comparing short-term fore- casting performance of the models considering exchange rate interventions.

CREATES arranges lunch seminars on a regular basis, normally on Tuesdays. The speakers are usually CREATES members, mostly PhD-students and postdocs. The speakers can also be visiting PhD-students or professors.

Each lunch seminar is followed by a discussion of the paper presented.

Organizers: Anders Bredahl Kock and Cristina Amado.

Place: CREATES meeting room, M303, building 2628 (M)