CORAL Seminar: Farnaz Farzadnia, Aarhus University

Title: The Passenger Friendly Covering Salesman Problem

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Thursday 28 May 2020,  at 15:00 - 16:00


Online via Zoom

PhD Seminar

Presenter: Farnaz Farzadnia


In this paper, we consider a problem where a number of passengers must be picked up on a single route by a bus starting and ending at a depot. The total amount of time that the bus driver will spend on the route is limited by a given maximum. Each passenger can be picked up either at the passenger's home or at one among possibly several other locations within a given maximum walking distance from the passenger's home. Other passengers' homes as well as bus stops are potential pickup locations in addition to the passenger's own home.

For modelling this problem, we propose a novel variation of the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) which we call the Passenger Friendly Covering Salesman Problem (PFCSP). In the PFCSP, the objective measure is the total distance walked by all passengers to their respective pickup locations, and the problem is to minimize this objective while picking up all passengers and satisfying the maximum route duration.

We discuss the role of this model relative to other TSP variations dealing with passenger transport, and propose mathematical models and solution methods. In our experiments, we discuss the consequences of our model compared to the Covering Salesman Problem (CSP), where the objective is to minimize bus route length subject to the maximum walking distance for each passenger.

Organised by Professor Sanne Wøhlk