CORAL Seminar: Dennis S. Holm and Rasmus Ørnstrup Mikkelsen, DTU

Title: International Timetabling Competition 2019

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Monday 22 February 2021,  at 13:00 - 15:00


Online via Zoom

Presenters: Dennis S. Holm and Rasmus Ørnstrup Mikkelsen, DTU

Link to ITC 2019: International Timetabling Competition

Abstract: We introduce the International Timetabling Competition 2019 (ITC2019) and an overview of how we completely decimated the competition. First, we describe the problem definition and how we used graph techniques to define a tight MIP model for the problem. Then we discuss how we use variations of this MIP in a parallelized setting for the complete solution algorithm. We use a number of matheuristics to find initial solutions, parallelized fix-and-optimize matheuristics to find improving solutions, and solve the full MIP to get information on the lower bound. Finally, we show the competition results.

Organizor: Christian Larsen