- Linking Danish Health Registers with World Mental Health Survey Group


Vision: Theme 4 will develop thematic links that synergizes the resources of NCRR at Aarhus University and World Mental Health Survey Group (WMHS). For the first time, we will link two of the ’powerhouses’ of modern psychiatric epidemiology.

Background: Register-based research has many advantages for epidemiology. In particular, the Danish registers provide high quality data on incidence and prevalence. Community surveys capture a wider spectrum of life history and health data, however, such surveys rely on the participants’ memory. This issue is particularly important when attempting to unravel co-morbidity between physical and mental disorders across the lifespan. WMHS is a Harvard-based research consortium of over 30 nations around the world. Professor Ron Kessler is Director at WMHS and an investigator on the NBP.

Key co-investigators: Ron Kessler (Harvard University), Carsten Bøcker Pedersen (NCRR), Thomas Munk Laursen (NCRR), Preben Bo Mortensen (NCRR).