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- Combining genetic and epidemiological risk factors




Professor Naomi Wray is Co-director at the Centre of Neurogenetics and Statistical Genomics at Queensland Brain Institute. She is a leading complex trait geneticist, who made important scientific contributions in agricultural and human genetics. Over the last 15 years, Wray has developed quantitative genetic methods based upon DNA marker data to understand complex genetic diseases in human populations, and is particularly known for the theory and analysis of empirical data that unequivocally demonstrate the polygenic and shared genetic architecture of psychiatric disorders. Professor Wray has been an outspoken advocate of collection of large samples and genome-wide association genotyping rather than sequencing of small number of samples.

Professor Peter Visscher is Co-director at the Centre of Neurogenetics and Statistical Genomics at Queensland Brain Institute. He is an internationally recognized researcher working at the interface of quantitative genetics, statistical genetics, population genetics, human genetics, animal genetics, bioinformatics and genetic epidemiology. He has developed theory and analytical methodology in human genetics to answer fundamental questions about the nature of complex trait variation, with applications to large genetic and genomic datasets. The focus of his current research is in the detection and fine-mapping of loci underlying complex traits, based upon theoretical studies and application of methods to real data, in population genetics studies using theoretical approaches and high-density genetic marker data, and in systems genomics studies.

Yan Holtz is a data analyst working for the Queensland Brain Institute in Brisbane, Australia. His work is at the interface between research and engineering, aiming to help epidemiologists and geneticists in their data analysis. He is specialized in data visualization and likes to turn data alive through interactive websites displaying scientific results. He is also the developer of the R graph gallery and the Python graph gallery, two websites displaying hundreds of graphics made with R and python.

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