- Creating new links with the international research community


The Niels Bohr Professorship consolidates and expands the collaboration between some of the most highly skilled research centres within the field of psychiatric epidemiology: The National Centre for Register-based Research, Aarhus University, Statens Serum Institute, University of Copenhagen, The World Mental Health Survey Group, Harvard University and the Queensland Brain Institute and the Global Burden of Disease Team located at the University of Queensland. 

Cross-linking researchers from these top international research centres provides a wide variety of new opportunities for research and innovation in the field of psychiatric epidemiology. More specifically, the research teams within the Niels Bohr Professorship will unify their strengths in order to (a) develop new innovative methods linking genetic and environmental risk factors for mental disorders, to (b) develop new innovative health metrics that relates to the assessment of the burden of mental disorders, and (c) link Danish researchers with the WHO World Mental Health Survey Initiative, a consortium of psychiatric epidemiologists from over 29 nations.

The cooperation also gives Danish senior researchers the opportunity to visit the University of Queensland and Harvard University for training and research supervision. In addition there will be visits from the co-investigators within the Niels Bohr Professorship, who will spend time in Denmark regularly for teaching, supervision and research planning.


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WMH - World Mental Health Survey Initiative

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