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2020.04.30 | Research news

Mental disorders and physical illnesses

People with mental disorders have a higher risk of developing physical illnesses, according to a new demographic study from the Niels Bohr Professorship team.

2019.11.01 | Awards

John McGrath awarded the Lieber Prize for outstanding achievement in schizophrenia research

On November 1st John McGrath received the Lieber Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Schizophrenia Research in connection with BBRF's International Awards Dinner 2019 in New York.

2019.10.25 | Research news

Mentally ill die many years earlier than others

New research confirms that people with mental disorders have an increased risk of premature mortality. When compared to the general population, average life expectancy is respectively 10 and 7 years shorter for men and women with mental disorders.

2019.01.16 | Research news

Researchers map out the relationship between mental disorders

Half of those who develop a severe mental disorder such as depression prior to the age 20 will also develop an anxiety disorder within the next 15 years. This is just one of the many results on the relationship between various mental disorders mapped out in a new nationwide demographic study from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

2018.12.10 | Research news

Link between newborns with vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia confirmed

Newborns with Vitamin D deficiency have an increased risk of schizophrenia later in life, researchers from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University and the University of Queensland report. The discovery could prevent some cases of the disease, and shows that neonatal vitamin D deficiency could possibly account for about 8 per cent of all schizophrenia…

John McGrath receives the Erik Strömgren medal from NCRR Centre Director Preben Bo Mortensen (photo: Lars Kruse)
Professor Lars Rejnmark, Aarhus University
Dr. Fiona Gaughran, King's College London
Professor Darryl Eyles, University of Queensland

2017.11.20 | Awards

John McGrath awarded the Erik Strömgren medal

On 15th November Niels Bohr Professor John McGrath received the Erik Strömgren medal at the 2017 Strömgren Lecture and "Vitamin D and Mental Health" Symposium at Aarhus University Hospital Risskov.

2017.01.12 | Research news

John McGrath praises Danish national health registers

In this interview from John McGrath explains how children born in the winter lead him to the hypothesis that level of vitamin D in the foetal stage increases the risk of schizophrenia. He also explains why the Danish national health registers are so famous abroad.

2017.01.10 | Research news

Clarifying risk factors for schizophrenia

With a large-scale study of the relationship between 80.000 new-born genes, the vitamin D level in the body and schizophrenia, researchers at the Niels Bohr Professorship hope that in a few years we will be better at preventing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

2016.11.07 | Research news

Ground-breaking schizophrenia research recognized

Professor McGrath, a psychiatrist and researcher with the Queensland Brain Institute and Director of the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, will divide his time between Australia and Denmark while building a new program with colleagues at the Aarhus BSS Aarhus University.

2016.11.01 | Aarhus BSS

International collaboration to consolidate Denmark’s leading position

A DKK 30 million Niels Bohr Professorship enables the National Centre for Register-based Research to extend its collaboration with one of the world’s leading researchers in schizophrenia.