Econometrics and Business Statistics Seminar: Roel Oomen, Deutche Bank

Title: AI and OTC market making

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Onsdag 23. november 2022,  kl. 14:15 - 15:15


Fuglesangs Allé 4, Building 2632(L), Room 242

Presenter: Roel Oomen, Deutche Bank

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Title: AI and OTC market making

Roel is the global head of FIC quantitative trading at Deutsche Bank. He started his industry career as a quant in electronic cash equity trading in 2006, and subsequently held various roles in electronic FX spot trading, including co-head of the business. Roel holds a PhD in econometrics, is a senior research fellow at the London School of Economics, and has published widely on the econometric analysis of high frequency data and FX trading.

Host: Kim Christensen


Organisers: Luke Taylor and Mikkel Bennedsen