The winner of the EØ Award is Adam Horsten

On 16 April, the Alumni Association for the business administration programme (soc.) presented the award “Business Administration Student of the Year 2015” in cooperation with LINDBERG. This year’s winner was Adam Horsten.

During his studies, Adam has been a formidable representative for the business administration programme as a member of both ØF and the Oecon Council while doing substantive work as vice chairman of the board of studies. The award comes with a check of DKK 7,000 sponsored by LINDBERG.

Adam Horsten is on his 10th semester approaching the end of his Master’s in Business Administration (soc.) with a supplementary subject in Information Science, IT and Organisations. As recipient of the award, Adam has received massive support among the students and several central student associations. This is no coincidence, since during his studies Adam has held important positions in the Oecon Council and ØF, contributing substantially to improving the student environment.

Katrine B.H. Thomsen, Marketing Coordinator from LINDBERG who is sponsor of the award, was present at the ceremony to congratulate Adam. In his acceptance speech, Adam encouraged students in the business administration programme to participate in events organised at the department:

“We are a relatively small study programme, and I encourage my fellow students to actively continue to support and participate in the events organised and the work done by the student associations,“ Adam announced while thanking his fellow students for their support.

Assistant Professor Jesper Wulff, who is representing the Department of Economics and Business in the board of EØ-foreningen, congratulated Adam on receiving the award:

“It is important that we acknowledge students who spend their spare-time bettering the conditions for studying at our department. Adam is an excellent representative for the soc. programme in business administration and has done a tremendous and important effort during his studies to improve the social environment for the students. I congratulate him on receiving the award, which is no doubt well deserved.”

The students also applauded Adam for his work as vice president in the board of studies to which he was recently reelected. During his time on the board of studies, Adam has fought for a bigger selection of courses in the business category and earlier announcements of exam schedules to the great benefit of both the soc. and oecon. students. Finally, Adam has demonstrated fine exam results concurrently with first an internship and later a student job at LEGO.

Facts about the award
The EØ Award is awarded annually to a student in the business administration programme (cand./BA.soc.). The winner is announced at the EØ evening in April.

The award is given to a student who has played a central role in the creation of a lively and productive study environment whilst demonstrating a high professional level in his/her studies.