The EØ-Award: Business Administration Student of the year 2014

On 1 April 2014 EØ-Foreningen presented the award “Business Administration Student of the Year 2014” in cooperation with Danfoss. The award went to Anne Møller, who during her studies has made a positive impression among many students at the Department of Economics and Business. Along with the award, Anne received a check of DKK 10,000 sponsored by Danfoss.

Anne Møller is in her 10th semester towards getting a master in Business Administration with subsidiary in Psychology. This semester she is doing an internship at an event agency called Rodkjær.

When asked why she thinks her fellow students nominated her for the award, Anne says:
“I've gotten myself into a lot of different things during my studies, both socially and academically, and it is probably a combination of these activities that made people nominate me. In general, I have tried to engage people and get them to go to all the great events held at the University. Additionally, my time in ØF and participation in the introduction week have given me a large network”.

About winning the award she says: “It's really nice to get the recognition the award symbolises. I have many fellow students who also make a great effort at the University being in associations and doing other student related activities. I think it is very important that there is an award that recognises the hard work people do voluntarily. Getting this award is a bit like having worked really hard in a course and then getting a 12 at the exam. It's a big pat on the back - and it's obviously nice with a little extra to complement the SU”.

Facts about the award

The EØ-Award is awarded annually to a student in the Business Administration programme (cand./BA.soc.). The winner is announced at the EØ-evening held in April.

The award is given to a student who has played a central role in the creation of a living and productive study environment whilst demonstrating a high professional level in his/her studies.