5000+ upper-secondary school students saw Philipp Schröder's lecture on the economic consequences of the corona crisis

Professor Philipp Schröder

Experts from Department of Economics and Business Economics help to ensure a broad understanding of the corona economy in Denmark - First in an expert group for the Danish Government and now also by teaching 5000+ upper-secondary school students about the economic consequences of the corona crisis for industries and companies and society in general.

5000+ upper secondary school students across the country have thus seen Professor Philipp Schröder’s lecture on the financial consequences of the corona crisis via Aarhus University’s portal for upper-secondary school students and their teachers (Gymnasieportalen).

On the basis of his work in the Danish Government's economic corona expert group, which he joined together woith Professor Torben M. Andersen and Professor Michael Svarer, Philipp Schröder highlighted the balance between economic policy, health, economics and what is politically possible.

Lockdown, help packages, bankruptcies, salary compensation and export collapse are the main ingredients of a weak economy, and it is not easy being a young person having to find his/her first job in an economy under such pressure. In his presentation, Philipp Schröder gave the young upper-secondary school students his views on the impacts of the corona crisis on the economy, and how an invisible virus can knock the entire world economy off the ground.