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Christian Bjørnskov

Christian Bjørnskov guest at Jyske Bank's  "Tæt på Tænkepauser"

Professor Christian Bjørnskov talked about his research in happiness in an interview with Jyske Bank's "Tæt på Tænkepauser." 

Michael Rosholm

Michael Rosholm speaker at the conference AI & ROBOTICS - PUBLIC

Professor Michael Rosholm is among the speakers at the AI & ROBOTICS - PUBLIC conference in Copenhagen on 20 May 2021.

Nina Smith

Nina Smith member of the board of Tænketanken Frej

On 18 March 2021, Professor Nina Smith was elected member of the board of Tænketanken Frej.

Nina Smith is also chairman of the board of directors of Forenet Kredit, and she is chairman of the Government’s “Kommission for 2. generationsreformer”.

Michael Svarer

Michael Svarer to speak at Kommunalpolitisk Topmøde 2021

Professor Michael Svarer will speak at KL’s Kommunalpolitisk Topmøde 2021, which will be held online on 18 March. Michael Svarer will give his view on the state of the Danish economy after the corona pandemic.

Michael Svarer

How do we get the economy going after the pandemic

One year after the first lockdown, on 11 March 2021, Professor Michael Svarer will be keynote speaker at an online debate arranged by ‘De Fem Styrker’, where a panel of five business spokesmen will discuss how we get the economy going after the pandemic.

Helena Skyt Nielsen

Webinar at Finansforeningen/CFA Society Denmark with Helena Skyt Nielsen

Professor Helena Skyt Nielsen will talk about the long-term effects of the corona crisis for children and young people in education at a webinar at Finansforeningen/CFA Society Denmark on 1 March. The other speaker is Catherine L. Mann from Citi.

Podcast: 1 year after the first corona lockdown

In this podcast, Professor Michael Svarer gives us an update on the economic situation of Denmark 1 year after the first corona lockdown. And Professor Torben M. Andersen tells the story of three economists who where asked to advise the Government on an economic situation that no one had experienced before.

Torben M. Andersen

Torben M. Andersen gives a lecture in Folkeuniversitetet's lecture series  "The Corona crisis - the perfect storm?"

At Folkeuniversitetet’s lecture series entitled ”Coronakrisen – den perfekte storm?”, a number of researchers will present their views on the consequences of the corona crisis. Among them is Professor Torben M. Andersen, who will give a lecture under the title “Hvordan står det til med nationaløkonomien?” on Tuesday 2 March 2021 19:30-21:15.

Debate at Finanspolitisk Netværk “Finansministeriet som politisk kampplads

On 11 February 2021, Professor Michael Svarer participated in an online debate together with Pelle Dragsted, Enhedslisten, and Mads Lundby Hansen, Cepos, at Finanspolitisk Netværk under the title “Finansministeriet som politisk kampplads” - The Ministry of Finance as political battlefield. The debate took outset in the need for new calculation models and the consequences of possible, or lack of, interference in the Ministry of Finance’s “engine room”.

Philipp Schröder

5000+ upper-secondary school students saw Philipp Schröder's lecture on the economic consequences of the corona crisis

Experts from Department of Economics and Business Economics help to ensure a broad understanding of the corona economy in Denmark - First in an expert group for the Danish Government and now also by teaching 5000+ upper-secondary school students about the economic consequences of the corona crisis for industries and companies and society in general.

Michael Svarer

The macroeconomic implications of the corona crisis for top leaders

Professor Michael Svarer talked about the macroeconomic implications of the corona crisis for top leaders at a webinar at Mercuri Urval on 1 December 2020.

Podcast: The effects of the corona crisis on the economy

In this podcast, Professor Torben M. Andersen and Professor Philipp Schröder from the Department of Economics and Business Economics talk about the effects of the corona crisis on the economy. What are the consequences of the corona situation for Danish businesses, international trade and the Danish unemployment rate?

Corporate leaders, talk about risks, please!

Corporate culture is crucial for an organisation’s ability to identify, assess and manage risks. However, an efficient risk culture cannot be dictated, but develops through a combination of leadership behaviour and active employee involvement. This is the conclusion of a new research project by Evelyn Caroline Braumann from Department of Economics and Business Economics.  

Video by Aarhus Business College

Visit at Aarhus Business College

Professor and chairman of the board of the Danish Economic Councils Michael Svarer visited Aarhus Business College to talk to the HHX students about the general state of the Danish economy.

Aarhus Business College uploaded a video about the visit to their Facebook page - see the video (via Facebook) by clicking on the photo to the left. The video is produced by Aarhus Business College.

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09:30-15:30 | Fuglesangssalen, Aarhus BSS, Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V
OR Day 2019
OR Day is an annual event organized by the Cluster for Operations Research, Analytics, and Logistics (CORAL) in collaboration with...
Sat 28 Sep
09:00-23:00 | Fuglesangssalen, Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V
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Digital19 – Management in the age of AI

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News on business

2019.06.19 | Knowledge exchange

Peter Løchte Jørgensen re-elected for JØP

Professor Peter Løchte Jørgensen has been re-elected for a 2-year period for the board for Juristernes og Økonomernes Pensionskasse, JØP. Read more

2019.03.01 | Public/media, Business Innovation Economics, Business research

Podcast: The robots are coming 2 – A future with automation

In this podcast from Aarhus BSS, Professor Philipp Schrøder talks about what it would take for Denmark to harvest the gains of automation, and he warns against the hidden villain that could destroy everything.

2019.02.12 | Public/media, Business research

Podcast: The pros and cons of nudging

Nudging is not just a miracle cure that can you can use as you please to change people’s behaviour. Nudging also has some unintended consequences that you need to be aware of, says Mette Trier Damgaard, in this podcast from Aarhus BSS.

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