NBP Symposium - Psychiatric Epidemiology - 30th and 31st May 2018

Please join us for NBPE18, a symposium designed to catalyze innovations in psychiatric epidemiology.

The 2018 Symposium will focus on several themes:

•        The burden of mental disorders

•        Mental health comorbidity

•        Interactive data visualization

•        Combining genetic and register-based information.

The symposium will be single track, with overviews by experts in the field and a limited number of free communications (oral or poster; deadline 13.4.18). 

In addition, we will be hosting a two day workshop on the Global Burden of Disease.


Esben Agerbo
NCRR, Aarhus University
Gerome Breen
King's College London
Fiona Charlson
Dan Chisholm
Peter de Jonge
University of Groningen
Holly Erskine
Andrea Ganna
Broad Institute
Yan Holtz
Queensland Brain Institute
Kim Moesgaard Iburg
Aarhus University
Ann Kristin Knudsen
University of Bergen
John McGrath
Queensland Brain Institute
Vera Morgan
The University of Western Australia
Preben Bo Mortensen
NCRR, Aarhus University
Oleguer Plana-Ripoll
NCRR, Aarhus University
Peter Visscher
University of Queensland
Harvey Whiteford
Naomi Wray
Queensland Brain Institute