Level 6 (PhD) courses

Autumn semester 2017

6551: Advanced Macroeconomics (10 ECTS)

6682: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (10 ECTS)

6954: Mathematical Analysis (10 ECTS)

Programme administrator: Christel Brajkovic Mortensen

NOTE: PhD students at Department of Economics and Business Economics

If you are enrolled in the PhD programme in Economics and Business and wish to follow a course (semester courses and/or intensive courses), please send an e-mail to Susanne Christensen, sch@econ.au.dk and include course title and link from the AU course catalogue. Also, please indicate whether you wish to take the exam.

The following semester courses are approved as PhD courses for PhD students in Economics and Business Economics:

Fixed Income Analysis (10 ECTS)
Pricing and Hedging of Derivatives (10 ECTS) 
Limit theorems for Semi-martingales (10 ECTS)
Advanced Derivatives Modeling (10 ECTS)
Monte Carlo Simulation (10 ECTS)

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4+4-students: please indicate whether the course should be registered on part A or part B of your 4+4.


Susanne Christensen
PhD Secretary
Phone: +45 8716 5121
E-mail: sch@econ.au.dk