Helle Bunzel

Helle Bunzel is associate professor in economics at Iowa State University. She is trained as a mathematical economist from Aarhus University and has a PhD degree in economics from Cornell University, 1999. Her research interests include time series analysis and cointegration analysis. She has published her works in Journals such as Econometrica, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Econometric Theory and Journal of the American Statistical Association.

Publications 2007-

  • Bunzel, Helle and Walt Enders. The Taylor Rule and Opportunistic Monetary Policy. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (forthcoming).
  • Barnnet, R., J. Bhattacharya and Helle Bunzel. Choosing to Keep Up with the Joneses and Income Inequality. Economic Theory (forthcoming).
  • Barnnet, R., J. Bhattacharya and Helle Bunzel. Minimum Consumption Requirements and Cycles in an Overlapping Generations Model of Money. Journal of Macroeconomics (forthcoming).
  • Bunzel, Helle and P. Marcoul. 2008. Can Racially Unbiased Police Perpetuate Long-Run Discrimination? Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization 60 (1), 36-47.