2013.05.08 | CREATES

Golden Pointer to Anders Bredahl Kock

Postdoc Anders Bredahl Kock has been awarded the 2013 Golden Pointer (Den Gyldne Pegepind) awarded by the oecon and soc students. Anders has taught mathematics classes at BA and amongst the nominators it was stated that "Anders is one of few persons who can count to opposite direction". At CREATES Professor Tom Engsted and…

2013.04.08 | CREATES

Peter Christoffersen receives award

Professor Peter Christoffersen, University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management is the recipient of the Bank of Canada's Fellowship Award for 2013. For more information, read more here link.

2013.03.08 | CREATES

Podcast of Distinguished Speaker Lecture

Watch the video recording of Professor Mark Watson's lecture on "Measuring the Uncertainty about Long-Run Predictions"

2013.02.18 | CREATES

Eric Hillebrand awarded Marie Curie Career Integration Grant

Eric Hillebrand, CREATES, has been awarded a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant of DKK 750,000 for his research that takes its point of departure in the fact that decision makers at central banks, government and financial institutions, and academia are inundated by economic data nowadays. Time series from different sources, at different…

2013.01.18 | CREATES

Distinguished Speaker Lecture

Professor of Economics and Public Affairs Mark W. Watson, Princeton University, gives a Distinguished Speaker Lecture at the department 29 January 2013 at 14.15 in Auditorium E1, Building 2624. The title of his talk is "Measuring the uncertainty about long run predictions". For further information, see link below. Professor Watson visits CREATES…

2012.12.13 | CREATES

Prestigious award to Anders Rahbek

Professor Anders Rahbek, University of Copenhagen and CREATES, has received the "Reinholdt W. Jorck og Hustrus Fonds" Research Prize 2012. The price is given to particularly young researchers who have made a special meritorious in their research.

2012.10.22 | CREATES


Professor Morten Ø. Nielsen, Queens University, Canada, and CREATES, has acquired a Canada Research Chair in Time Series Econometrics. Further information Morten Ø. NielsenCanada Research Chair in Time Series Econometrics Canada Research

2012.10.15 | CREATES

Grant to postdoc Mikko Pakkanen

Postdoctoral researcher Mikko Pakkanen has received a three-year grant of 277,080 EUR from the Academy of Finland. The research to be undertaken is within the area of "Ambit processes and their applications to energy price modeling". For more information, follow this link

2012.10.05 | CREATES

Prestigious grants to CREATES Fellows

Professor Anders Rahbek, University of Copenhagen and Reader Dennis Kristensen, University College London, have both received prestigious grants

2012.10.05 | CREATES

PhD Kasper Vinther Olesen prize winner

Kasper Vinther Olesen has been elected this year's MSc graduate in Economics at the Department of Economics and Business at Aarhus University. He was presented with the DKK 15,000 award for his tireless work promoting the studies.

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