2014.06.16 | CREATES

Two Large Grants to CREATES Members

Two CREATES Fellows have both received large grants from The Danish Council for Independent Research | Social Sciences (FSE) at the recent call. Project Title: Explaining the macro-economic foundation behind long-term nominal interest rates and their effects on the real economyGrant Recipient: Martin Møller AndreasenAwarded Amount: DKK 2,589,961…

2014.06.03 | CREATES

Professor Emeritus Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen receives the 2014 "Rigmor og Carl Holst-Knudsens Videnskabspris"

Professor Emeritus Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen receives the 2014 “Rigmor og Carl Holst-Knudsens Videnskabspris”. Please read these two interesting articles and find out more about Ole's fantastic career. The articles are in Danish only. Prisoverrækkelse 2014 Samme formel for ørkensand og aktiepriser

2014.05.08 | CREATES

Tom Engsted wins the Golden Pointer 2014

Tom Engsted has been awarded lecturer of the year at Department of Economics and Business and received the much-coveted Golden Pointer for his entertaining lecturers and strong academic skills.

2014.04.22 | CREATES

No 3 at the Econometric Game

The CREATES/Aarhus University team ended as number three (sharing with University of Amsterdam) at the fifteenth edition of the Econometric Game in Amsterdam 15-17 April 2014. The team from University of Copenhagen won and University of Bristol was number two. A total of 30 teams from all over the world participate in the game. Congratulations to…

2014.03.31 | CREATES

Welcome to Bezirgen Veliyev

Tuesday 1 April we are happy to welcome postdoc Bezirgen Veliyev at CREATES. He comes from postdoctoral positions from Heidelberg University. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from University of Vienna, Austria, July 2012. Bezirgen Velieyev's research interests lie within financial econometrics, mathematical finance, and stochastic analysis. He is…

2014.02.28 | CREATES

Welcome to postdoc Ulrich Hounyo

Monday 3 March we are happy to welcome postdoc Ulrich Hounyo at CREATES. He is jointly affiliated with Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance (University of Oxford). He received his PhD from University of Montreal, in 2013.  He has been a visiting student at Toulouse School of Economics in the summer 2010 and he conducted collaborative work…

2014.02.21 | CREATES

Grant to Wei Wei

Postdoc at the Department of Economics and Business, Wei Wei, who is affiliated with CREATES, has been awarded a DKK 1,168,083 grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research for her project entitled “A New Method for Estimating Stochastic Processes for Energy Prices”.

2014.01.15 | CREATES

Large grant from DEIC for computer hardware

Martin Møller Andreasen, Asger Lunde, Ole Barndorff-Nielsen and Eric Hillebrand have been granted DKK 338,740 by DeIC (Danish E-Infrastructure Cooperation) for computer hardware to their project entitled “Risk Matters: Re-modelling Uncertainty within Economics and Finance”. The first pillar of the project is devoted to modelling uncertainty and…

2013.12.20 | CREATES

Francesco Violante rewarded with the Sapere Aude Research Talent Grant 2013

The Danish Council for Independent Research has awarded Assistant Professor Francesco Violante the Sapere Aude Research Talent Grant 2013 of DKK 500.000.

2013.11.14 | CREATES

PhD Fellow Mikkel Mulvad Bennedsen receives travel scholarship

Mikkel Mulvad Bennedsen has received the Aage and Ylva Nimb’s Foundation Travel Scholarship and will go abroad to Harvard University.

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