Working Papers 2011


WP 14-11: Rikke Falkner Ibsen and Niels Westergård-Nielsen: Regional Jobskabelse i Danmark. ISBN 9788778825872 (print). ISBN 9788778825889 (online).

WP 13-11: Valerie Smeets and Frederic Warzynski: Estimating productivity with multi-product firms, pricing heterogeneity and the role of international trade. ISBN 9788778825858 (print). ISBN 9788778825865 (online).

WP 12-11: Daniel D. Schnitzlein: How important is cultural background for the level of intergenerational mobility? ISBN 9788778825483 (print). ISBN 9788778825490 (online).

WP 11-11: Tor Eriksson: Progression of HR Practices in Danish Firms during Two Decades. ISBN 9788778825469 (print). ISBN 9788778825476 (online).

WP 10-11: Erik S. Madsen, Kurt Pedersen and Lars Lund-Thomsen: M&A as a Driver of Global Competition in the Brewing Industry. ISBN 9788778825438 (print). ISBN 9788778825452 (online).

WP 09-11: Elke Jahn and Dario Pozzoli: Does the Sector Experience Affect the Pay Gap for Temporary Agency Workers? ISBN 9788778825414 (print). ISBN 9788778825421 (online).

WP 08-11: Sanne Hiller: The Export Promoting Effect of Emigration: Evidence from Denmark. ISBN 9788778825391 (print). ISBN 9788778825407 (online).

WP 07-11: Sandra Cavaco, Tor Eriksson and Ali Skalli: Life Cycle Development of Obesity and Its Determinants. ISBN 9788778825346 (print). ISBN 9788778825353 (online).

WP 06-11: Sylvie Blasco and Michael Rosholm: The Impact of Active Labour Market Policy on Post-Unemployment Outcomes: Evidence from a Social Experiment in Denmark. ISBN 9788778825322 (print). ISBN 9788778825339 (online).

WP 05-11: Erik Strøjer Madsen: Class size, type of exam and student achievement. ISBN 9788778825292 (print). ISBN 9788778825315 (online).

WP 04-11: Johan Vikström, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer: The Relative Efficiency of Active Labour Market Policies: Evidence From a Social Experiment and Non-Parametric Methods. ISBN 9788778825261 (print). ISBN 9788778825285 (online).

WP 03-11: Filip Pertold: Don't Drink and...  Avoid Risky Sex of Your Peers: The Influence of Alcohol Consumption of Opposite-Gender Peers on Youth Risky Sexual Behavior. ISBN 9788778825247 (print). ISBN 9788778825254 (online).

WP 02-11: Marianna Marino, Pierpaolo Parrotta and Davide Sala: New Perspectives on the Evaluation of Public R&D Funding. ISBN 9788778825223 (print). ISBN 9788778825230 (online).

WP 01-11:  Annalisa Cristini, Tor Eriksson and Dario Pozzoli: High-Performance Management Practices and Employee Outcomes in Denmark. ISBN 9788778825209 (print). ISBN 9788778825216 (online).