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Professor Dale T. Mortensen, Visiting Niels Bohr Professor at Department of Economics and Business, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics together with Peter Diamond and Chris Pissarides.





Henning Bunzel has received a grant of 250,000 DKK from Danish Centre for Super Computing.

The next meeting in the Joint data workshop with the BI Oslo group and the LMDG (CAP) group will take place in Oslo, May 31-June 1, 2012.

Two lectures by Dale T Mortensen:

Lecture at the Royal Academy, June 14, 2011

Conference on the Future Challenges for Economic Research, June 15, 2011


PhD student Emmanuele Bobbio, University of Wisconsin, will be visiting February 14-21, 2010 and April 3-30, 2010.

Assistant Professor Andrey Stoyanov, York University Canada, and Assistant Professor Nikolay Zubanov, Maastricht University will be visiting June 12 -July 15, 2010.

PhD student Greg Veramendi, Northwestern University, is visiting June 14 - July 2, 2010.

Assistant Professor Moritz Ritter,Temple University, is visiting August 16 -October 7, 2010.

Assistant Professor Jesper Bagger, Royal Holloway, University of London, and Professor Francois Fontaine, University of Nancy, are visiting August 20-29, 2010.

Professor Randy Wright, University of Wisconsin, will be visiting September 21-28, 2010.