1. LMDG Data and Projects

The project Labor Market Dynamics and Growth, LMDG, which is connected to Niels Bohr Visiting Professor Dale T. Mortensen, University of Aarhus and Northwestern University, has access to merged data sets on persons and firms.

We are working on making these data as accessible to researchers as possible and to promote the data and LMDG to the international research community as effectively as possible.

For this to happen it is a must that the data and its uses are documented in English.

This is an ongoing process and through the framework offered by this web system it is the hope that all researchers using the data will contribute to this documentation.

Several types of documentations are needed

  • LMDG WebDoc is an online Java Program giving access to the data documentation.
  • Review of LMDG Data is a review note of the content of the data available at ALMARG.
  • Data Memoes  are memoes about the concepts and structures of the data, and how and how not the data can be used for research. They supplement  LMDG WebDoc and the Times system of Statistics Denmark.
  • Data Research Papers are papers about stylized facts about the data, quality of the data, puzzles in the data, and of course major findings obtained using the data. One important element is of course links to articles and working papers using the data. It would be a major task for new users to read large theoretical research papers in order to obtain informatiion about the data, therefore it is very important to summarize and quote relevant parts of such papers.

The above documentation will be added to the LMDG WebDoc as they are finished.