AU RECEIV - Research Centre for Early Interventions


The overall objective of the centre is to study the effect of early intervention on the health, well-being and mental development of infants. Two interdisciplinary PhD projects anchored at the centre will seek to establish the significance of the maternity/paternity and health visitor schemes which are offered to the parents of newborns in Denmark.

The first PhD project will find the best way of making vulnerable first-time parents feel more comfortable with their new role as parents. The other PhD project will look at how children are affected by their parents' working hours in the slightly longer term.

The centre has received funding of DKK 3 million from AU Ideas.

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AU members

Hanne Kronborg

Associate professor
H bldg. 1260, 343
P +4587167891
P +4530233626

Tea Trillingsgaard

Associate professor
H bldg. 1350, 234
P +4587165843
P +4526858554

External members

Miriam Wüst
Researcher, SFI

Phone: +45 3348 0895

PhD students