2014.05.02 | News from the management

Allan Würtz has been reappointed as head of the Department of Economics and Business

In his second term as head of department, Allan Würtz wants to further consolidate and support the department and the employees in their aspirations towards offering high quality degree programmes and do ground-breaking research.

2014.04.30 | Research news

Danish companies can benefit from outsourcing to countries at OECD level

New research shows that Danish companies that use outsourcing can achieve the greatest profit growth by moving the production to countries that charge the most for the work.

2014.04.23 | Awards

The EØ-Award: Business Administration Student of the year 2014

On 1 April 2014 EØ-Foreningen presented the award “Business Administration Student of the Year 2014” in cooperation with Danfoss. The award went to Anne Møller, who during her studies has made a positive impression among many students at the Department of Economics and Business. Along with the award, Anne received a check of DKK 10,000 sponsored…

2014.04.10 | Research news

Additional language lessons improve children’s reading skills

By giving school children up to four additional hours of Danish lessons every week for 16 weeks, we improve their reading skills to an extent that amounts to six months of schooling in addition to what other pupils achieve in that period of time.

Malene Kallestrup-Lamb and her colleagues are developing a customised model based solely on Danish data. It has been fine-tuned to take into account the parameters that affect mortality in a small population such as Denmark. Photo: Lars Kruse AU Communication.

2014.03.21 | Knowledge exchange

A mathematical model that may be worth a lot of money

Malene Kallestrup-Lamb from CREATES at Aarhus University's School of Business and Social Sciences is currently developing a mathematical model, which can predict future mortality with greater accuracy compared to other existing methods. This could potentially be of great value to both the private and public sector in Denmark.

Four Aarhus winners, from the left: Alexander Bitzow Pedersen, Oskar Harmsen, Peter Aadaard Nielsen, Thyge Ryom Enggaard and Steffen Stræde, CEO Copenhagen ZOO.

2014.03.07 | Awards

Students win the biggest case competition in Scandinavia

A five-year business plan for the Copenhagen Zoo. This was essentially the task at the CBS Case Competition, Beat the Elite 2014. The winning entry was proposed by four students from School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) at Aarhus University.

2014.02.26 | Research news

The economy of the future is vulnerable

Even though Denmark is one of the European countries that have been able to prepare for the increased ageing population, the Danish economy remains vulnerable, and we will have a hard time handling yet another financial crisis in the coming decades.

2014.02.25 | Research news

Large grant for new research in the well-being of children and youth

Two BSS researchers and TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research awarded DKK 20 million to evaluate children and youth programmes.

2014.02.19 | Research news

Schizophrenics are at greater risk of getting diseases

People suffering from schizophrenia are at greater risk of developing autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. This is the conclusion of new research from Aarhus University. It appears that infections play a determining role.

2014.02.04 | Education news

The future leaders of the welfare state

Department of Political Science and Government and Department of Economics and Business have joined forces and established a new Bachelor’s degree programme at School of Business and Social Sciences. The Public Policy programme will be open for enrolment this spring. The students will receive training in planning and organising extensive public…

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