2014.08.07 | Research news

What do we really know about our children’s schooling and well-being?

With the first day of school and the institution of the new school reform just around the corner, the matter of our children’s schooling and well-being is highly topical. At the end of August, TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research hosts a conference focusing on precisely this topic. Over the course of two days, Danish and international…

2014.07.24 | Health and disease

Researchers find 100 possible targets for treatment of schizophrenia

Professor Preben Bo Mortensen, Department of Economics and Business has participated in a research project, in which genetic researchers from 34 countries have joined forces to take a closer look at the biological causes of schizophrenia. In an article in Nature, researchers from Aarhus are among those pinpointing 80 new genes linked to the…

2014.07.16 | Awards

AU professor in list of world’s most influential scientists

Professor Asger Lunde from the Department of Economics and Business at Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Sciences is the only person from a Danish university to be included in the Economics and Business list of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2014.

2014.06.27 | Knowledge exchange

Nina Smith appointed chairman of the government’s unemployment benefit commission

On a press conference held on 27 June, the Danish Ministry of Employment announced that economics professor Nina Smith has been appointed chairman of the government’s unemployment benefit commission.

2014.06.24 | Awards

Martin Møller Andreasen receives the 2014 BSS Research Award

At BSS’ annual Faculty Celebration, which took place in the Main Hall at AU on Friday, Martin Møller Andreasen was presented with the 2014 BSS Research Award. He is one of two researchers to win the award this year. The award comes with a cash prize of DKK 50,000, which is earmarked for his further research.

2014.06.23 | Awards

International trade talents receive praise from the Danish Export Association

Two of this year’s most talented students within the field of export and international trade have received the Danish Export Association’s Graduation Awards for best Bachelor’s project and best Master’s thesis.

2014.06.19 | Eliteforskning

Researchers from Creates are granted DKK 6.4 million

The Social Sciences (FSE) department under the Danish Council for Independent Research has granted a total of DKK 6.4 million to two new research projects led by Associate Professor Thomas Quistgaard Pedersen and Associate Professor Martin Møller Andreasen.

2014.05.21 | Knowledge exchange

Torben M. Andersen chairman of the pension commission

The government’s future pension commission will be chaired by professor Torben M. Andersen from the Department of Economics and Business.

2014.05.06 | Awards

Tom Engsted wins the Golden Pointer 2014

Tom Engsted has been awarded lecturer of the year at Department of Economics and Business and received the much-coveted Golden Pointer for his entertaining lecturers and strong academic skills.

2014.05.02 | Research news

New research about the effects of co-teaching

Researchers from the Department of Economics and Business and the Department of Political Science and Government, Aarhus University have carried out the first Danish study on the effects of co-teaching based on a randomised controlled trial.

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