Programme administrators

Programme administrators for the study programmes at the Department of Economics and Business Economics

  • HD Accounting
  • HD Finance
  • MSc, Finance and International Business (FIB)
  • MSc and BSc, Finance (FIN)
  • BSc and MSc in Economics and Man. (OECON)
  • BSc and MSc in Bus. Administration (SOC)

Concerning BSc: 

Concerning MSc:

Concerning BSc projects and MSc theses:

  • Public Policy
  • Mathematics-Economics
  • BSc and MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LOG)
  • HD, 1st part

  • MBA

  • BSc, Statistics and Quantitative Methods
  • MSc, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • BSc, Financial Accounting
  • MSc, Auditing and Financial Accounting (AUD)
  • BSc, Economics
  • MSc, International Economic Consulting (IEC)